3 Types of FlexiRoof available

1. Light assembly kit: affordable entry-level model for self-assembly
2. Premium: Highly functional and extremely robust pool enclosure for year-round use
3. PremiumPlus: Top model with added value - with clear glass or with ultra-high thermal insulation and even more stability.


"Year-round" or "winter" for FlexiRoof Premium and PremiumPlus?

Year-round - Open and close daily during the bathing season and have a protected pool in winter

Winter - Put on in late summer, swim under the roof, extend the swimming season into the fall with good insulation values. Start your season earlier in spring with our insulating cover and when the nights are warm enough, remove FlexiRoof and enjoy the pool during the summer. The winter version is an ideal complement to roller shutter systems.

The winter version is the most flexible pool cover for vacation homes: arrival = clear, departure = cover.


This results in following 6 variants:

FlexiRoof Premium Plus Clear

Highly functional, transparent roofing (clear glass) for year-round use.

FlexiRoof Premium Plus

Highly functional and extremely insulating canopy for year-round use.

FlexiRoof Premium

Highly functional and extremely stable enclosure for year-round use.

FlexiRoof assembly kit

The pool enclosure which you can build by yourself. Prefabricated FlexiRoof light elements with assembly instructions.

FlexiRoof Premium Plus Winter

Super sturdy and insulating cover especially for the winter.

FlexiRoof Premium Winter

Non wheeled version especially for the winter. Extend your bathing season additionally in spring and autumn thanks to its high insulating properties.

FlexiRoof Variants in details

What are the differences between the FlexiRoof-variants?

On this table you will find an overview of the technical data for the 4 FlexiRoof variants.

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