FlexiRoof Accessories

FlexiRoof Accessories

For a comfortable and practical use of the FLEXIROOF covers we also offer suitable accessories.

FLEXIROOF transport trolley

With the optional transport trolley, FlexiRoof elements can be stacked sideways and transported away.

Handrail and ladder (2 parts)

In combination with a FlexiRoof cover, we offer the two-piece ladder "TINA" and handrail "Model 16.1 - grip arch type A" from Eichenwald (IDEAL). You can order these as well as the complete product range of IDEAL Eichenwald directly from FlexiRoof. Click here for the catalogue: More information

Handlauf für FlexiRoof Überdachungen
Leiter „Tina“ geteilt für FlexiRoof Überdachungen
Skizze Leiter „Tina“ geteilt für FlexiRoof Überdachungen

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