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Comment by Peter Kubalek |

I chose Flexiroof because it is a very space-saving system and our garden is not very large. The other advantages I discovered later as an add-on: optimal heat insulation, beautiful visual harmony, pool can be used well into autumn. As the advice and service are also excellent, we can only recommend FlexiRoof.

Comment by Jürgen Gerlach |

After a long time search on the internet I came across FlexiRoof. I ordered the assembly kit after a very friendly contact with Mr. Jäck. After the self-assembly I now know that FlexiRoof is worth its money. The cover fits perfectly. Up to now I only had a solar panel over it, and the pool was very dirty. That's history now. You can also swim beautifully under the "roof". Above all, the pool is safer now. I haven't regretted it yet. Many thanks to Mr. Jäck and the team.

Comment by Ockert family, Sachsen-Anhalt |

We decided to purchase a FlexiRoof assembly kit and the finished product is now in use. Visually very nice to look at and also quickly covered and removed. The pool water heats up quite quickly under the roof, which is a positive side effect. As a result, we are very satisfied with the product and have not regretted the purchase. With the kit version, however, you should know that assembly is not entirely without its challenges and that, even with good craftsmanship, it takes about 10 to 12 hours (FlexiRoof note: 5 elements) in total. The assembly instructions are quite handy and so the project was completed successfully without any additional inquiries to Mr. Jäck. Many thanks for the good service, from planning to delivery! We will recommend the product to others.

Comment by Josef |

Fully meets our expectations. In addition to the roller shutter we now have a useful and great solution to protect the pool from September to May from leaves and dirt. The biggest advantage are the wheels, this way you don't have to ruin the beautiful terrace with rails.
Perfect execution, great advice, superb delivery service! Thank you

Comment by Burkhard Knapp |

After several years of using Flexiroof, we can confirm that our expectations have been fully met. We chose the product because we didn't want a big cover in our small garden. The pool cover is flat and fits very well to our ideas. Visitors and friends have more than once highlighted the overall picture of our swimming pool with cover.

We use the cover over a salt water pool which is certainly a bit more problematic than the normal chemically chlorinated pool. This is because the salt water evaporation leaves deposits on the stainless steel surfaces as they would be on a boat railing. After initial attempts to control these deposits we have abandoned this, as the one on the inside does not affect the general impression from the outside and there is also no qualitative restriction.

The segments of our pool cover are surprisingly stable (one segment was even thrown by a sudden, extremely strong breeze onto the others without any damage), they ensure a quick warming up of the pool water and also extend the swimming time. All features that were promised really came true.

Despite the small curvature it is possible to push only one segment away and then swim or bathe in the middle. However, a little bit of head retraction is necessary (note FlexiRoof: span 2.96 m, height 26 cm), but that is in the nature of things. This possibility is very important, because you don't always have the time and the mood to move and/or set up the whole cover.

When the pool is closed, our pets also like to walk over the cover (dog and cat) to shorten the way to the end of the garden. Until today this has worked very well.

We only use the additional securing of the segments (wire rope on both sides) during the winter or when a really strong storm is announced (about 3 times a year). Otherwise, the segments are strong and heavy enough to provide safe coverage.

All in all, the expectations we set for this cover have been fully met and we would buy the cover again. Even after a few years of use, we are still unable to detect any impairment of the function. The same applies to your customer service, which we do not take for granted after several years of use in our fast-paced times.

Best regards from Austria

Burkhard Knapp

Comment by Michael Dornberg |

Hello, FlexiRoof is an absolute premium product. We had a look at a FlexiRoof pool on site at Mr. Jäck. Rainer is an absolutely respectable and competent engineer and businessman. The tailor made production went smoothly and very fast. The delivery was on time and was very professional with instruction and assembly on site. A storm protection system was installed.
The delivery took place in November 2017. Since then the water temperature has remained constant and there have been no leaves or dirt in the pool. The canopy is completely sealed, no rain fills the pool and the water level is steady. A great product. We are very satisfied.
Best regards Michael Dornberg

Comment by Bettina Jahn-Albrecht |

I wanted to thank you for the absolutely competent and extremely friendly advice. In the end, our negotiations did not lead to a purchasing result, as our structural conditions were not suitable for FlexiRoof. Unfortunately! Nevertheless, Mr. Jäck took his time several times and really suggested new alternatives again and again, it never got too much for him. Truly with the patience of an angel! Although without result, it was nevertheless fun to speak on the phone with Mr. Jäck and even without buying the advice was always positive and friendly. Rarely have I met such an imaginative, devoted and charming business partner in my business life. I wish there were more of them! The product is really great, who knows, maybe one day we'll get into business! Thank you Mr. Jäck and the team.

Comment by Mötteli, Lago Maggiore |

We have been using the cover for two years now and are happy with it.
We often go swimming without opening up everything, even in winter after the sauna.
Also it gets warm very quickly without heating and of course stays clean.
It also requires less chemicals.
Thanks and regards from Switzerland

Comment by Bischoff, Switzerland |

After many visits at trade fairs and several hours searching the internet I finally came across FlexiRoof. After a few mails and telephone conversations with Mr. Jäck, who always had a competent answer to all my questions, we have now ordered this cover. We have no regrets about that until today! Of course our old cover ( floating lamella roller shutter ) was much more comfortable, because it could be opened/closed electrically in a few seconds. But the advantages of the new cover compensate for the additional time it takes to cover the pool! Since I have not been afraid since when my little children play in the garden.
Also the water quality is much better compared to our old cover. There is hardly any rainwater and dirt left in the pool. Also the evaporation is lower. I also like the simple construction of the system, no complicated rails, electric drives, etc. We can only recommend it.

Comment by family Riedel from the Erzgebirge |

Flexi Roof, long needed and luckily found! We are very satisfied with the system and have already enjoyed it for the second year, even the large quantities of snow last winter were no problem! Despite prepayment we dared it and were not disappointed!
Good advice and delivery on site.

Comment by Renate Fritsch Albert |

We came across Flexiroof after a long search.
That was the best thing that could happen to us, as we were looking for a cover over the winter when we could swim !!! We wanted also to move the cover in summer to have a clear view.
All this is possible with the Flexiroof option. We are very satisfied, also the consultation was very very good.
Even today, after 2 years, we can call Flexiroof at any time to get instant advice.
We can only recommend this to others.

Comment by Ralph Bänsch, Swabian Alb |

The Flexiroof version has proved to be a great choice for us. In light winds we open e.g. only half the pool, which makes it even warmer under the roof. Problems have not arisen so far and so we can only recommend this option.

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