FlexiRoof Light -
Assembly kit for a swimming pool enclosure

Simply build a pool roof yourself

FlexiRoof is now also available as a kit based on the FlexiRoof-Light version. This gives you a high-quality pool enclosure at a lower price, as you take care of the installation yourself. Also, an optimized packaging will save you additional transport costs. What you should bring along, however, is some craftsmanship.

Assembly - Necessary skills

To successfully assemble the FlexiRoof kit, basic technical skills are required, such as

  1. Drawing a cutting line and sewing with a jigsaw,
  2. Drilling and screwing with a battery-operated screwdriver or a drill,
  3. Cutting components to length with a hand saw
  4. Drill holes according to assembly instructions

Of course you should also have the mentioned tools at your disposal (jigsaw, drill, cordless screwdriver, etc.).


By optimizing packaging and logistics we can deliver the FlexiRoof kit for 249 € (within Germany) directly to you. In order to be able to offer this attractive price, due to optimized route planning, we require delivery times of up to 8 weeks.

You can also pick up your FlexiRoof kit directly from us.


Tell us the size of your swimming pool ( inner dimensions in width and length). From this we will design your FlexiRoof: The roofing length is available in 1 meter steps. We determine the width by approx. 20 cm wider than your swimming pool.

The individual parts are manufactured from us for your pool based on the commonly agreed size.

You will receive a kit from us which has been put together for your swimming pool with all the individual parts manufactured for you. It goes without saying that you will receive detailed construction and assembly instructions.

This allows you to build your own pool roofing at a reasonable price.

Detailed construction and installation instructions are enclosed. If any questions arise during installation, we will be happy to help you. Simply send your questions by e-mail to Bausatz@FlexiRoof.de. Please feel free to send us pictures with more details or call us directly.

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