FlexiRoof Premium Plus

Highly insulated and extremely stable swimming pool enclosure for year-round use

FlexiRoof PremiumPlus is the variable solution for sophisticated customers. The stable construction allows it to be used throughout the year.

Sensational thermal insulation value and no cold bridge

With the heat transfer resistance of 1.4 W/m²k, FlexiRoof PremiumPlus is our best insulating pool enclosure and insulates about twice as well as FlexiRoof Premium. With its 25 mm thick polycarbonate multi-chamber panel, the weather no longer has a chance. The special structure also prevents the load-bearing aluminum construction from dissipating heat energy to the outside.

This makes FlexiRoof PremiumPlus also perfect for overwintering your pool "cold".

The best thing about it: With an element weight of less than 30 kg, half, i.e. a maximum of 15 kg, must be lifted to open by tilting up.


Without rails - completely removable

Thanks to its integrated rollers, the individual elements can be conveniently moved. Thus, the pool can be fully or partially covered - and of course, the roof can be removed completely. The whole thing happens without disturbing rails or other fastening elements. FlexiRoof can be completely removed in less than a minute.

Swimming under cover

If you want to take a quick swim, you do not need to remove FlexiRoof. Due to the curved design, you can comfortably do your swimming laps under the canopy. Thus, the pool is well usable even in " messy weather ". And your swimming season will be significantly extended.


The pool cover for the winter

FlexiRoof Premium is the ideal year-round cover. Even heavy snow in winter is no problem for FlexiRoof Premium up to a height of approx. 40 cm. The high-quality materials (stainless steel aluminum polycarbonate) are weatherproof, robust and durable.
If you need a winter-only cover, we also offer the FlexiRoof Premium Plus Winter variant. It corresponds to the Premium variant but without integrated rollers.


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