Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How can the cover be anchored against storms?

Storm protection is provided in multiple stages:

  1. The individual elements are placed on their wheels next to each other. The Dirt and Animal Catcher (DAC) moderately brakes the individual elements.
  2. A specially developed roll-away device prevents the elements from rolling away. This braking device is attached to the rollers of each of the two end elements. As a result, FlexiRoof no longer stands on its wheels but on the "feet" of this brake. You can imagine this "little feet", like door stoppers.
  3. In case of strong wind, the individual elements can be connected with a steel cable (FlexiRoof Light with screws). All you have to do is pull the supplied steel cable through the eyelets provided and tighten it by hand at the end with a simple nut. This connects the individual elements and creates a "roof unit".
  4. During the winter, or if you are not present for a longer period of time, or if very strong winds are to be expected, the "roof unit" is secured at all 4 corners. For this purpose, the supplied ground anchors are driven into the ground foundation. A wire rope is connected to the respective corner. Done.
2. Which glass material is used?

We use polycarbonate.

3. What is the height of an element at the highest point?

The height varies depending on the width of the pool. You can use the following dimensions as a guideline:

Pool width      Height
up to 2,50 m    26 cm
up to 3,00 m    34 cm
up to 3,50 m    43 cm
from 4,00 m     53 cm

4. Dimensions is a single element?

A premium element is either 1.20 or 1.00 metres wide. The combination of 1.20 and 1.00-metre-wide elements gives the total length of FlexiRoof. By combining the various elements, your FlexiRoof will be a maximum of 20 cm longer than your swimming pool.

The standard width of FlexiRoof Light is 1.05 metres.

The elements are wide enough to cover the width of the pool plus approx. 15 - 20 cm on both sides.

5. Which design is used for the rear or front wall of the first or last module?

The side walls on the Premium models are made from aluminium, on the Light models from polycarbonate.

6. Is there a lateral sealing of the modules against the floor?

FlexiRoof has a "ground clearance" of approx. 2 cm. This necessary opening can be closed.

Our specially developed dirt and small animal catcher ensures that leaves, leaves and dust from the environment do not get into the pool. Furthermore, it keeps small animals such as mice, salamanders or worms away.

For this purpose, nothing has to be mounted on the floor, no rails remain as tripping hazards and no dust or leaves remain in a track system. You can imagine the dirt catcher and small animal catcher as a broom attached all around.

The dirt and small animal catcher is an accessory and is offered separately. All necessary holes are however provided as standard, so that a follow-up order and self-assembly is also possible.

The Light versions come with a sealing lip as a dirt and small animal catcher.

7. How is the sealing between the individual modules achieved?

There is no sealing between the elements.

8. Can the elements also be stacked lying on top of each other?

Basically yes. However, it is recommended to insert a spacer (e.g. wood, foam rubber, etc.) on both sides. Please note that it is easy for one person to place the elements on the side or on the transport trolley. Two persons are required for horizontal storage, as the elements must be lifted and stacked.

9. Can the FlexiRoof wheels also travel further out, e.g. on the terrace panels?

Basically yes. FlexiRoof is individually adapted to your swimming pool situation. The position at which the rollers move is determined together with you during the FlexiRoof project planning phase. If a special construction is necessary, we will suggest it to you and coordinate it with you before the execution.

10. Because there is a lot of snow in winter: What is the load bearing capacity of FlexiRoof?

The load capacity is 75 kg/m². This can be significantly increased by additional supports, which can easily be mounted in autumn. You would have to install a simple wooden statics for the winter operation. We have already realised such projects at a height of 850 metres.

Please contact us if required. We can offer you a simple solution.

11. What is the lead time of FlexiRoof?

We manufacture FlexiRoof individually for your pool. This requires that the relevant individual parts are also manufactured individually. The delivery time depends on the workload in the production. Normally you would expect about 4 to 6 weeks.

12. Can we pick up FlexiRoof from you?

Yes, you will need a boxed vehicle. Depending on the size, a van, e.g. a VW Crafter or Sprinter, is usually sufficient. The transport of FlexiRoof is also possible with a closed trailer in the corresponding size.

A loading fee of currently 50 € is to be paid on site. Furthermore, we recommend to buy loading aids for safe loading of FlexiRoof at the price of 200 € on site.

Of course we can also offer you a delivery to your home.

13. Are you delivering FlexiRoof to my house?

Yes, we offer worldwide delivery at reasonable prices.

14. From what materials is FlexiRoof made?

We only use high-quality materials: aluminium, polycarbonate and saltwater-resistant stainless steel.

15. What does an element weigh and how much weight do I have to lift to open it?

Using the example of an element for a pool width of up to 3.50 metres: With a width of 1.20 m, it weighs approx. 22 kg. Since the element is only lifted to open on one side, 11 kg must be lifted.

16. How well does FlexiRoof protect my pool from cooling down?

FlexiRoof has an insulation value of 2.0 W/m²k, PremiumPlus variant even has 1,4 W/m²k.

For comparison: An insulating glass for windows with gas filling has an insulation value of 1.0 W/m²k. FlexiRoof forms a closed unit in combination with the dirt and small animal catcher. This creates a greenhouse effect that heats the pool during the day. At night FlexiRoof protects it from cooling down. In rainy weather, the cold rainwater does not enter the pool. The average water temperature with the same additional heating is 6 - 8 °C higher compared to uncovered swimming pools!

17. Which shapes of swimming pools can be covered with FlexiRoof?

FlexiRoof is manufactured individually for each pool. All imaginable shapes are possible:

  • rectangular
  • round
  • oval
  • with Roman stairs on the short side of the pool
  • with Roman stairs on the long side of the pool
  • etc.

Please send us a drawing / photo with dimensions. We will design your FlexiRoof according to your requirements.

18. Can FlexiRoof be completely removed from the pool?

Yes, FlexiRoof can be easily placed at the end of the pool.

We offer you a transport trolley for the removal. You can simply load FlexiRoof and store it e.g. behind a garden shed or in the garage. The loading on the trolley can be done by one person.

Consequently, your pool is not covered anymore. No visible fastening elements are left behind.

19. After opening FlexiRoof, do rails or guiding elements remain on the floor?

No. FlexiRoof has no fixed connection to the floor.

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