FlexiRoof - the slim swimming pool enclosure without rails

FlexiRoof is a flat pool cover composed of individual self-contained elements. The railless units can be manufactured with a span of more than 10 metres. The length is not limited as many elements can be lined up.

Each swimming pool cover is made individually for each pool in width and length. Any protruding equipment such as ladders, slides, etc. are taken into account in the design and are individually adapted. The height of the pool edge also has a significant influence. We are taking all specific conditions into account.

Handling - quick opening of the pool enclosure

Opening and closing can be performed in a number of ways.

Opening an element allows access to the pool under the cover in seconds. Closing is also possible in just a few moments.

The advantage hereby is that e.g. children are only able to open the swimming pool cover physically from approx. 8 years on.

Before the development of FlexiRoof, a comparison of manual and automatic operation showed the following:


Advantage: Comfort
Disadvantage: Complex construction thus expensive and vulnerable to errors

Vorteile: Einfach, günstig, nicht fehleranfällig
Nachteil: Wenig Komfort

From this consideration FlexiRoof was initially developed as a manual swimming pool canopy.


Flexible: full or partial opening

The elements stacked on the right side of the pool in the picture can easily be pushed away on the supplied trolley and stored in an appropriate place in the garden or garage. From a swimming pool width of approx. 8 metres it is necessary to operate the system by 2 persons.

High thermal insulation with the FlexiRoof swimming pool roof

The insulation value (K-value) of the polymer elements is 2.0 W/m²K. For comparison: double-glazed insulating windows have a value of 1.0! As a result, the heat/energy loss is extremely low.

Stable and weatherproof

The following pictures provide the best illustrations of the stability and winter durability:

The advantages and disadvantages of FlexiRoof

  • There is little risk of children falling into the water
  • Swimming in the open air is possible
  • Swimming under the closed cover is possible, e.g. during rainy weather
  • Dirt, dust and leaves do not get into the water
  • Animals have no access to the water
  • Good thermal insulation: swimming from April to November is possible.
  • Solar radiation can be used to heat the pool
  • Protection against cooldown by cold rainwater
  • FlexiRoof can be completely removed in midsummer
  • When the pool is open, there are no sliding elements (risk of injury, dirt) on the floor
  • Reduction of pool care products
  • The swimming pool cover is winterproof and can therefore be used all year round.
  • Weather proof for many years
  • Aesthetic look
  • Low purchase price
  • Evaporation is only minimized by design and cannot be prevented
  • No electrical opening/closing possible (as with almost all other systems)

Transportable Swimming pool enclosure

Do you also like your pool best when it is entirely opened and there is no view of the cover?

Would your atmosphere be significantly improved if you opened your pool in midsummer and closed it again after the hot days?

Could you also enjoy not having to worry about dirt and tripping hazards around the pool when bathing?


FlexiRoof on its transport trolley

Simply load FlexiRoof and move it e.g. into a garage or behind a hedge. An adult person can easily load FlexiRoof onto the specially developed trolley within 1–2 minutes. The procedure is the same as when opening the pool, except that the elements are tipped onto the trolley instead on the floor.

You are welcome to test the system in Bad Waldsee. Just come and visit us.

Once loaded, FlexiRoof can easily be wheeled away.

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